Northshore QDROS provides professional intake form services for lawyers and legal teams directly.


To initiate the applicable draft QDRO(s) with Northshore QDROs, please complete the following procedures:

  • Applicable payment – We accept your attorney’s firm check, money order, bank check or law firm credit card. (We do not accept personal checks from your client)

  • A copy of the case style/heading/caption along with the signature page utilized in your jurisdiction.

  • A copy of the parties’ settlement terms as pertains to the division of retirement assets.
  • Any official plan statement or document that properly references the Plan name to be addressed in the body of the QDRO.

  • A letter on the hiring attorney’s letterhead indicating that said attorney is our client, confirming representation of one of the parties to the Order.

  • A completed QDRO Intake Form for each benefit to be divided, initialed by the hiring attorney.


Please send a separate QDRO form for each benefit to be divided.

We hope the foregoing is helpful.  Please feel free to contact our office with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you kindly for your business.